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Mini Split Ceiling Cassette

An indoor unit that is mounted in the ceiling. Most ductless mini split indoor AC units are wall-mounted, or central air conditioning units, but sometimes for a more seamless look you may opt for a ceiling cassette ductless indoor air conditioning unit. These units have four louvers to allow for even air distribution, are compatible with single and multi-zone systems and can be controlled by a remote controller or wired remote controller. It also features:

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Ability to release conditioned air in four directions

  • Quiet Design

  • Comfort Control

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Remote Operation

  • Different designs - so you can choose one that matches the interior of your home

  • Cassette Ductless Indoor units are ozone and environmentally-friendly thanks to the fact that they use R410A refrigerant


What Is A Ceiling Cassette?

A ceiling cassette is a type of ductless Air Conditioning system whose indoor Air Handler is installed above the ceiling. The biggest benefit is that it is hidden from view - The only thing that is visible with this type of ductless indoor air handler is its discharge grille. All the other components or Air Conditioner are placed above the ceiling.