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Damper or duct damper is a type of valve used in ductwork that control airflow inside a duct. Used in zoning to control the amount of warm or cool air entering certain areas of your home. A damper may be used to cut off central air conditioning (heating or cooling) to an unused room, or to regulate it for room-by-room temperature and climate control. 

There are two common types of HVAC dampers:

  1. Manual
  2. Automatic

A complete line of damper products for airflow control in commercial HVAC and industrial systems:

  • Life Safety Dampers
  • Control Dampers
  • Industrial Dampers
  • Air Measuring Products
  • Backdraft Dampers
  • Balancing Dampers
  • Relief Dampers
  • Bubble Tight Isolation Dampers
  • Specialty Application Dampers
  • Actuators
  • Doors

Dampers serve a valuable role in indoor air movement. Damper products cover a wide variety of applications ranging from life safety to maintaining the control of outside air.


How to Control Air Flow in Attic Ducts?

Adjusting the temperature in a whole house or office can be difficult and tricky, especially during change of seasons. Fine-tuning process of adjusting the air flow valves known as dampers in the ductwork usually demanding time and patience.

Mark both hot and cold season damper positions on each ductwork to save repeating this process every six months