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Our response to the coronavirus (CoVid-19) outbreak (Henderson, NV)

Our response to the coronavirus (CoVid-19) outbreak (Henderson, NV)

During the tough times due to the world-wide spread of the coronavirus - “CoVid-19”, it seems like every day something changes. As you may know, the Governor of Nevada has closed all non-essential businesses for the next 30 days in Henderson. We do not know what tomorrow will look like, but for as long as it remains possible, we are here to support you and your HVAC & Indoor Air Comfort needs in Henderson, as we are considered an essential business.

We are facing many challenges on a daily basis and it is becoming harder to get the essentials as the stores are remaining empty and people are lining up to buy simple necessities like food and water.

There is a high probability of the same thing happening in the air conditioning industry as well. Air Conditioning is a necessity in our extremely hot climate, and it would have been dangerous to be stuck inside a home without a working AC or Air Filtration System in the middle of the summer. We are working hard to ensure we have all the necessary parts available for the months to come to continue providing Air conditioning repair services.

For those people who need a new air conditioning system in Henderson, it may be tough to get a hold of new equipment. We recommend being proactive. If you know you need your air conditioning system replaced before the summer, now is the time to act, as we do not know how much longer the supplies will continue refilling their stock.

We truly hope that this situation will get resolved sooner than later.

As a precaution measure, to ensure the safety of our valued customers as well as our staff, our technicians will be wearing face masks during all service calls and system replacements. Also they will be wearing rubber gloves at all times to ensure your as well as their own safety. We screen our technicians’ health every day before they start heading out to their calls, to ensure they have no signs of being sick, and do not have a fever. If our technicians are feeling sick, have a cough or runny nose, they are asked to stay at home until they feel better.

Nevada Residential Services team takes this matter very seriously. We believe that people of Henderson should do their best to stay at home during this time in order to minimize all chances of spreading the virus. We understand how important it is to our customers to maintain their air conditioning in working order throughout the summer, and for that reason we have to be safe, and do things the right way to be able to survive and stay available for you, our valued customer.

We appreciate your business, and please let us know how we can help you during this highly unusual time.

Thank you,
Nevada Residential Services Management