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AC Maintenance and cleaning after winter in Henderson

AC Maintenance and cleaning after winter in Henderson

Correct operation of HVAC equipment largely depends on timely maintenance and proper care. Many homeowners, after buying new air conditioners, don't even think about the fact that for their high-quality and long-term operation, it will be necessary to periodically inspect their heating & cooling equipment. This kind of inspection and AC maintenance should be done not only during the summer, when some malfunctions in the operation of the air conditioner can be noticed and addressed, but also in early spring, before HVAC system starts to work intensively. It is better to protect yourself from breakdowns and malfunctions of Air Conditioning equipment in advance than face a much bigger problems in a midst of a hot summer. In Henderson the summer heat can be almost unbearable, if the air conditioner will get broken and had to be repaired, then it can be very unpleasant experience.

For the best results it is best to maintain and Tune-up your air conditioning system at least twice a year:

  1. Check the AC after a period of heavy use (september-october in Henderson)
  2. Service & Tune-Up the AC before the summer season (march-april in Henderson)

Many people use HVAC systems not only to beat the heat, but also to provide warmth in the fall by using Heat pump for example. Some people use Ductless mini-split system because they need to cool/heat only one or two rooms. But at the winter time air conditioner is typically doesn't work and just gathers dust on the closet or in the attic. Most AC units was not designed for high-quality heating of the house, therefore it is usually replaced with oil radiators, gas/oil/electrical furnaces or other heating equipment.

Timely maintenance, tune up and cleaning of the air conditioner after the winter will ensure constant comfort and coziness in the house throughout the summer. Thus, long-term operation and the best performance of the equipment will be ensured.

Service and maintenance of HVAC equipment

Servicing air conditioners after winter consists of the following tasks:

  • inspection of the AC unit, its case and parts for various damages;
  • mechanical cleaning of the case, heat exchanger and external block;
  • cleaning or replacement of filters and air intake grilles;
  • inspection and cleaning of the drainage system;
  • checking the operation of blinds and mechanical drive;
  • checking the operation of fan blades and electric motors;
  • pressure measurement, check for malfunction of the refrigerant system;
  • refueling of air conditioners with freon if needed;
  • diagnostics of the compressor operation. check for extraneous noise;
  • testing and diagnostics of equipment operation in all modes;
  • measurements of the temperature of the incoming and outgoing air from the indoor unit.

All of the mentioned above and smaller violations will be corrected by Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning & Heating experienced, certified and licensed technicians. Of course some issues and malfunctions can be eliminated on your own, but it is not recommended. In the absence of the necessary equipment, tools and skills, the Air Conditioner can be more damaged than being serviced.

Why clean the air conditioner

Generally, nothing extraordinary should ever get into the air conditioner. But during operation, millions of the smallest dust particles are collected on its filters, especially after AC was working all summer long or after long winter idle period. If it is not cleaned of all this dust, then in the next season at the first start-up, it "exhales" all the dust directly into the indoor air. And after a week or two, air conditioner may start to screw up or just stops working at all.

In addition, you need to remember that the air conditioner after winter hibernation releases into the indoor air not just some kind of ordinary dust, but also a lot of bacteria, viruses, and infectious sticks along with it. They was in minuscule amounts when got there, but they had a lot of time to multiply there while the system wasn't working. Released pathogenic microbes then also multiply and can cause illness of people who are in the room or house where the "culprit" of the spread of infections works. Bad indoor air quality can sometimes even cause employees of offices or organizations to complain of headaches, fever, severe weakness. The history of the air conditioners use even recorded cases when large companies and organizations stopped working because of issues caused by such uncleaned HVAC equipment.

It turns out that even the most expensive and reliable air conditioner, needs to be maintained, cleaned and serviced annually by professional HVAC technicians. Due to proper operation, timely preventative maintenance and high-quality service your AC System will last for years. Regular heating and cooling systems service and maintenance not only minimize the chances of breakdowns, but also allows to achieve optimal energy efficiency, lower energy bills and provide constant comfortable temperatures in your space be it home or office.

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