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11 fascinating facts about Air Conditioners

11 fascinating facts about Air Conditioners

Nowadays air conditioners are very popular, especially in Nevada. Local residents know that these devices are a must at home, at work, in transport, etc. to ensure comfort wherever you are. So, professional HVAC services are in high demand here in Las Vegas. But what do we actually know about air conditioners except for the fact that they maintain the desired air temperature?

Where the smallest air conditioners are used? Were AC units dangerous in the past and are they dangerous now? When the first air conditioner in Henderson was installed? How does this device contribute to our health & lifestyle?

Ready for some gripping facts about Air Conditioners you probably didn’t know?
Here we go.

Eleven cool facts about Air Conditioners

  1. The very first industrial cooling machine was invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier. He created his apparatus for the Brooklyn printing house. However, this device wasn’t designed to lower the temperature during hot weather, but to combat humidity, which badly affected print quality.
  2. The world's first real air conditioner is dated 1929 and produced by General Electric. Ammonia was used as a refrigerant in the device, but it posed an extreme danger to human health. That is why the air conditioner compressor, which performs air cooling, was taken out in a separate unit outside the premises to the street. Thus, the first air conditioner was, in fact, a split system. Only in 1931 safe freon began to be used.
  3. In 1961, the Japanese company Toshiba became the first company to start mass production of air conditioners, which consisted of 2 units. The noisier part of the device was installed outside, which made the split systems very quiet.
  4. In 1981, Toshiba produced a split system that made it possible to smoothly regulate power, and 17 years later such split systems occupied 95% of the entire Japanese market.
  5. Packard was the first automobile manufacturer to install air conditioners in cars. At that time, the average price of a car in the USA was $ 700, and air conditioning for a car could cost of $ 250 (almost a third of the car price).
  6. Air conditioners were used in cinema in the first place. In order to attract more people in summer, they showed high-budget films during this hot season.
  7. The biggest and most powerful air conditioner was invented by the Americans for industrial purposes. It is used to ensure a constant microclimate in greenhouse complexes where biological scientists grow new, experimental varieties of grain crops.
  8. The Americans also created the smallest air conditioner to ensure comfortable conditions in VIP prison cells for diplomats and international espionage. And since the prison cell is small enough, the air conditioner is of the micro-size.
  9. Air conditioners greatly contribute to both medicine and our health. Some medicines can only be tested in a cool room, so there would not be many medicines without air conditioners. Moreover, each spring air conditioners save millions of allergy sufferers by ensuring pure, filtered air.
  10. It is strictly forbidden for Jews to use any technical devices including AC Units on Saturday (the Jewish Day of Rest). Since they are not allowed to turn on their air conditioners or change the settings, most Jewish families simply do not turn off them on Friday.
  11. The first air conditioner in Las Vegas was installed in 1932 in the hotel "Apachi".

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