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Precision Air Conditioning (PAC) system controls the environment, providing a constant temperature and humidity conditions for sophisticated, expensive and sensitive electronic equipment throughout the year. PAC HVAC systems are designed for cooling datacentre, server room environments and other "technology rooms" rather than one designed for general building (homes, commercial offices and retail). Precision Air Conditioning systems typically offer superior design and reliability and have a high ratio of sensible-to-total Cooling Capacity.


In datacenters IT hardware produces a concentrated and unusual heat load and at the same time, it is a lot sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity. A temperature and/or humidity swing can create problems and sometimes even complete system interruption.

Precision air systems are designed for near temperature and humidity control.

Standard comfort air conditioning is badly suited for technology rooms, leading to system shutdowns  and  component  failures.  Because  precision  air  conditioning  maintains  temperature  and humidity  within  a  very  narrow  range,  it  provides  the  environmental  stability  required  by  sensitive  electronic equipment, allowing your business to avoid expensive downtime.


PAC systems provide high reliability, flexibility and redundancy required technology room runs 24 hours a day all year round with the easy service.

Precision environmental control requirements now reach far beyond the confines of the traditional data center orcomputer room to encompass a larger suite of applications, referred to as “Technology Rooms”.


Typical technology room applications include:

  • Medical equipment suites (MRI, CAT scan)
  • Clean rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Printer/copier/CAD centers
  • Server Rooms
  • Hospital facilities (operating, isolation rooms)
  • Telecommunications (switch gear rooms, cell sites)

The  maintenance  of  the  temperature  and  humidity  design  conditions  is  critical  to  the  smooth  operation  of  a  technology  room.  Design  conditions  should  be  72-75°F  and  45-50%  relative  humidity  (R.H.).  As  damaging  as  thewrong  ambient  conditions  can  be,  rapid  temperature  swings  can  also  have  a  negative  effect  on  hardware  operation. This is one of the reasons hardware is left powered up, even when not processing data. Precision air con-ditioning is designed to maintain temperature at ±1°F and humidity at ±3-5% R.H. 24 hours a day, 8760 hours a year.

In contrast, comfort systems are designed to maintain 80°F and 50% R.H. only during summer conditions of 95°Fand  48%  R.H.  outside  conditions.  There  is  usually  no  dedicated  humidity  control  and  the  simple  controllers  cannot maintain the set point tolerance required for temperature, allowing potentially harmful temperature andhumidity swings to occur.


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