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Access Door

HVAC Access Doors (AD) or HVAC Access Panels (AP) are widely used for both commercial or residential HVAC System installations. Access panels covers air handler units or any other HVAC applications. It is used to reach HVAC Mechanical systems more quickly when maintenance work needs to be performed. Access panel for HVAC usually consists of an integral frame and hinged door. For easy periodic system cleaning and maintenance, access panels are installed at the main sheet-metal duct.

They can be thermal and non thermal as well as nearly any size you can imagine. Pressed from galvanised steel or stainless steel in a sturdy double-shell design with a flow-optimised inner shell to prevent turbulences. Some steel doors come with a baked enamel finish as well. The metal of the doors and panels should be resistant to corrosion, and all materials should be suitable for continuous exposure to heat, cold, and humidity.

Type of HVAC Access Doors

There are two basic types of access doors:

  1. Designed for air ducts
  2. Designed for grease ducts
A specialist type of this door is the drywall access door. It's designed to maintain the original appearance of a client's walls and is usually needed when you have to cut into drywall. It maintains the seal and ensures the indoor space isn't vulnerable to heat spikes or outdoor elements.