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How to improve your Air Conditioning Efficiency in Henderson?

How to improve your Air Conditioning Efficiency in Henderson?

During the hottest summer months in Henderson the HVAC system is the biggest energy user, your air conditioning system could account for up to 70% of your total annual home energy expenditures. Have a worry-free summer by just following our tips on how to improve air conditioning efficiency. First thing that you need to know is that your cooling system will perform most efficiently if it is properly maintained. Regular Air Conditioning maintenance is simple but a very effective way on improving your A/C's efficiency and as a result pay lower energy bills, and avoid frequent breakdowns.

HVAC repairs and AC maintenance must be performed on a regular basis and handled by professional heating & cooling experts.


Why AC maintenance is so important?

It's always better to prevent a problems in time then face a sudden air conditioner breakdown during the extreme summer heat. It can save you a lot of money and nerves when potential problems are identified and dealt with before they become worst. Proper air conditioning maintenance will prevent frequent A/C breakdowns and costly repairs. While some tasks do not require technical expertise or special tools, there is a lot can be done only by certified HVAC professionals.

Running a business? Want to avoid costly breakdowns during the summer?
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Effective Ways to Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency

When your AC isn't running efficiently, not only will you be uncomfortable, but you'll have a higher electric bill. Here in Henderson, NV many residential homeowners as well as business owners are constantly searching for ways to improve air conditioner efficiency and save money. There are 17 things you can do that will instantly improve your A/C performance & efficiency:

  1. Close your blinds and curtains in the heat of the day.
  2. Close all the doors and windows.
  3. Change your air filters regularly.
  4. Clean debris around outdoor condenser unit.
  5. Unbend the coil fins.
  6. Clear your air conditioner condensate drain line.
  7. Make sure that your outdoor unit is shaded.
  8. Insulate unit ducts.
  9. Ventilate the attic.
  10. Unblock and vacuum indoor vents.
  11. Use ceiling fans.
  12. Check your home for air leaks and insulate them. Fix any leaks in your attic, around your windows, or under your doors.
  13. Avoid putting a thermostat in an area exposed to a large amount of heat.
  14. Keep your air ducts as clean as possible.
  15. Increase temperature settings when you are not in the home or at night while sleeping so that cooling is not wasted.
  16. Keep lamps and other heat producing appliances away from your thermostat.
  17. Schedule regular preventative a/c maintenance.

Use these tips to extend life of your air conditioning unit, to increase its efficiency and to make your home cooler for less cost.

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If your Air Conditioner is not running properly and you are unable to deal with it in DIY fashion then our professional cooling technicians are available 24 hour a day – Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning Company offers best AC Repair, Replacement or Intallation service. Our highly trained and skilled technicians are best heating and cooling experts around Henderson:

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