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It's high time to prepare your HVAC system for fall!

It's high time to prepare your HVAC system for fall!

The efficiency of a heating & cooling system is down not only to the quality of installation, but also to how we take care of it. Like any other device, a split system needs preventative checks and precautions in order to minimize the risk of a breakdown during its further operation.

What is the link between the low level of refrigerant and compressor malfunctions? And how does an untimely AC cleaning after summer affect energy consumption in fall and winter?


Fall is here: Is your air conditioner ready?

Although quite a lot of people tend to overlook the proper preparation of their heating & cooling systems for fall, we’d like to emphasize that it does matter in the long term.

HendersonHVAC specialists recommend carrying out air conditioner maintenance & tune-up before the beginning of a new season, and preparing your HVAC system for fall and winter without fail. This will help to preserve the right energy-efficiency and save you from expensive repairs.

It’s unlikely that in the full swing of the cold seasons, homeowners would like to face any sudden malfunctions or breakdowns of their AC unit and start looking for reliable technicians in a crazy hustle. Thus, timely AC maintenance provides the unit with a gentle operation and prolongs its lifespan.


Highly important AC maintenance tips to follow

Here is a list of AC maintenance tips that play a great role during the preparation of your heating & cooling system.

  • Changing your thermostat settings

    With the beginning of a new season, the temperatures and humidity outside are gradually changing. It reminds us of the AC thermostat settings that we need to change.

    Why is it important? First of all, it allows for the best level of comfort. If the thermostat is programmed to maintain a too high or too low indoor temperature, it will make the residents feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, it’ll do you good if you reprogram your thermostat as soon as the weather has changed.

  • Checking and cleaning the indoor AC unit

    Although regular filter cleaning is vital, this is not only about it. Over time, the indoor unit tends to have a lot of condensate inside, which is a great environment for building up dust, debris, bacteria, fungus, mold and microorganisms. This increases the likelihood of spreading all of them around the home and evoking allergies, respiratory system problems, cough and other diseases.

    Accumulations of dust settle into the drainage system and might also clog the drainage pipes, which make a serious malfunction and the lower HVAC efficiency inevitable. And an unpleasant smell will not be far behind. That is why a scheduled cleaning of the indoor unit with special chemicals is required.

  • Cleaning the outdoor unit

    When preparing your Heating and Cooling systems for fall, checking and cleaning the outdoor unit is also a must. Among its components, there is a heat exchanger that removes heat from the room and is responsible for maintaining the microclimate. The compressor, which is known as the main component of any split system, is also a part of this unit. So, it’s worth checking whether these components are working the way they should.

    Besides, in the course of AC operation, huge amounts of air pass through the outdoor unit. This is the reason why over time, the fan gets clogged with dust, leaves, insects, etc. So, proper cleaning is also important here to ensure the smooth operation of the unit.

  • Checking the performance of the whole heating & cooling system

    Any device wears out with the time passing, and air conditioners are no exception. It is basically impossible to diagnose the split system on your own, because special tools and equipment are needed for this.

    Experienced technicians will check the performance of the whole heating & cooling system including refrigerant levels, the airflow, all vents and connections, condenser fan motor and all the other parts. This will help to detect the current failures if any.

It’s only natural to schedule a professional heating & air conditioning maintenance when an air conditioner makes strange noise, cools or heats worse, overheats, etc. But even if you don’t notice any deviations from the normal functioning, it’s still worth having your split system checked and prevent possible failures.

Without sufficient knowledge and experience, you should not prepare your air conditioner for the colder season on your own. AC owners can just clean the filters regularly and wash the surfaces. Other air conditioner maintenance & tune-up tasks should be left to diligent professionals.


What can happen if I miss my air conditioner maintenance & tune-up?

If the air conditioner maintenance & tune-up in Henderson are not conducted in time or are even carelessly overlooked, its capacity will decrease. As a result, the air conditioner will heat a home longer, leading to deviation from the level of comfort you got used to, higher energy bills and the waste of money.

Another considerable consequence of missing out on the preparation of an HVAC system for fall is that the filters were accumulating much dust and dirt during the summer. If the filters are not cleaned, it can easily result in the efficiency decrease, higher electricity consumption and an increase in utility bills. In addition, dirty filters couldn’t purify the air to the fullest extent, which might have a negative impact on the health of the residents, especially those suffering from allergies.

Moreover, a dirty evaporator and fan impeller of the indoor unit results in slower heat exchange. Consequently, the refrigerant doesn’t completely evaporate, and it may cause the compressor to fail. It’s worth mentioning that most compressor failures are not repairable, and a compressor replacement costs as much as a new outdoor unit.

In addition, dirt accumulated in the drainage system, brings about an unpleasant odor that will enter the air in the room.

Sometimes AC owners hope that they can save money and get a good indoor air quality without professional help. A counterweight to this opinion would be that for the best operation, heating & cooling systems need all the internal components checking.

So, be reasonable in terms of taking care of your air conditioner and don’t hesitate to call Nevada Residential Services for Las Vegas heating & air conditioning services. We will help you prepare your HVAC equipment for fall and winter and ensure its smooth operation. Our team is always available for our clients in Henderson: 702.935.0777.