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Advantages of hiring NRS when buying a new HVAC System in Henderson

Advantages of hiring NRS when buying a new HVAC System in Henderson

What to pay attention to when buying a new HVAC System? What AC brand and model are the best for my home? How to choose a reliable, licensed and insured HVACContractor that provides full-scale AC installation services? Will I get warranty on HVAC services & equipment?

These are the basic questions that need to be answered before you buy new heating and cooling system and AC Installation services.   

Full Service AC Installation Services in Henderson

Proper installation of an air conditioner is vital not only for your comfort and indoor air quality, but also for the lifespan of the AC unit. That is why the whole process requires thorough preparation on the HVAC specialists’ part. It means they have to plan the new AC installation or replacement, conduct the new air conditioning installation estimate, remove the existing central air conditioner (during HVAC replacement), prepare the area for the new Air Conditioning system and, finally, install it.

Nevada Residential Services is known to provide excellent full-scale HVAC installation services in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Some of our advantages are competitive pricing, we are available 24/7/360 and professionalism of our technicians - we service all brands and models.

The brands we work with include (but not limited to):

In Henderson, when it comes to selecting an air conditioner and eventually to a new AC Installation, most people tend to be a little confused, since there are a large number of brands. Moreover, each HVAC manufacturer offers a wide range of models to choose from. And on top of it all we also have trends such as green-tech, smart-tech, zone control, iaq and efficiency differences.

For example, below you can see list of residential HVAC systems we install:

  • AccuClean - Air Filtration Systems
  • AccuComfort - Variable Speed Systems
  • HVAC UV Lights
  • Split Gas Systems
  • Heat pump Split Systems
  • Gas Package Systems
  • Heat pump Package Systems

In today’s environment-oriented world, more and more heating and cooling strategies appear that contribute to the renewable and clean energy transition. And, of course, there are various models that guarantee better indoor air quality.

The variety of HVAC brands and models makes it rather complicated to make the quick but wise decision as to choosing your future air conditioner. We recommend focusing on the characteristics and features of a particular model that will meet your specific needs.

How to Choose a Good HVAC Contractor?

We’re sure you know that any air conditioning service, such as New AC installation, Old HVAC system replacement, AC repairs and ofcouse preventive or regular AC maintenance, should be conducted strictly by professionals.

But what defines a reliable HVAC Contractor and how to choose a good one?

1. Find trusted referrals

Information about good Henderson air conditioning services usually travels fast by word of mouth. So, you should start by asking your close friends and relatives whether they know or have experience with a reliable Heating & Cooling Contractor.

2. Check the companies’ websites

When you have a list of HVAC companies that look reliable to you, best is to visit their websites. Good HVAC contractors have all their services listed online, as well as rebates and special offers available at the time. In general, you can find all the necessary information about them on their websites. Besides, such companies very often write articles on relevant topics, as part of their regular blog.

3. HVAC contractors must be licensed and certified

Installation, replacement, maintenance, tune-up and repairs of split systems is that kind of work that requires special certification. For that reason, reliable companies, that specialize in air conditioners and correspondent services, have a license and certification. You can always ask them to show these documents.

4. Warranty on HVAC services

When choosing a company, make sure that they give a warranty on new AC installation and other AC services. This means the company takes its work seriously.

5. Written estimate provided

When you need professional AC technicians for a specific service, a good contractor provides a written estimate of all the work that should be done. This will ensure transparency between the company and the client while helping to avoid unexpected expenses.

6. Only qualified and highly trained labor

In our HVAC company, all technicians have at least 5 years of experience and are adept at working with residential air conditioning systems and professional equipment. They also undergo annual training to improve their skills.

NRS – American Standard Premier Dealer

As one of the best AC brands American Standard provides whole home comfort with premium quality heating and cooling, air quality, and smart home solutions.

Nevada Residential Services has the American Standard award verifying that we are a qualified and approved dealer of American Standard HVAC systems.

Among other HVAC Contractors, NRS is distinguished by:

  • Best Customer Services
  • Factory Training Technicians
  • New Construction Custom Solutions
  • NV Energy Official Partner 
  • Properly Licensed and Insured
  • Eligibility for Warranty Coverage
  • HVAC Financing Available

Call Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning & Heating for Your HVAC Needs

As it was said earlier, it’s so easy to get lost among all the AC brands, models and local HVAC Contractors.

Protect yourself from future expenses on energy bills and repairs – choose Nevada Residential Services for the best AC services in Henderson!

When buying a new air conditioner, we will help you choose the brand and the right model that suits you the best, taking into account your HVAC needs and financial capabilities, as well as provide professional AC installation or replacement.

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