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Nevada laws protect renters from air conditioning problems

Nevada laws protect renters from air conditioning problems

Apartment tenants throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley should know what their legal rights are and who is responsible when the air conditioning is in need of repair or maintenance. To protect people who rent apartments or homes in Las Vegas there are laws that can help and protect renters from common AC problems that can occur, when the air conditioning goes out for example.

People on the internet ask a lot of questions such as "What rights do renters have in Nevada?" or "What are landlords responsible for in Nevada?" or "How long does a landlord have to fix air conditioning in Nevada?". The short answer to all of those questions is yes, air conditioning is considered to be an essential right in the state of Nevada. The landlord shall at all times during the tenancy maintain the dwelling unit in a habitable condition.

According to the Nevada State Apartment Association real estate owners and managers don’t want people living in uncomfortable situations and landlords usually work hard to get things like air conditioning repaired in the properties that they rent out.

Does a Landlord Have to Provide AC?

Yes, In Nevada, the landlord is primarily responsible for any AC repairs required in the rented apartment, as well as to ensure annual maintenance and tune-ups are performed.

What to Do When Apartment AC is Not Cooling

In case of AC breakdown in a rented apartments or house simply communicating a problem to a property manager or directly to the owner usually can be enough to remove the problem. But in some cases If the landlord fails to supply air conditioning, the tenant must give written notice to the landlord including the date as to what the problem is and request AC repair. Be sure to keep a copy for your records. Once that letter is written, if owners or landlords don’t make a good faith effort to fix problems then renters must give landlords 48 hours to fix an issue. After the allotted time has passed, you can take action. Call the Southern Nevada Health District and an agent will get involved.

Nevada law provides remedies that tenants may use when the air conditioning fails in the tenant’s rented home. Remedies include:

  • buying your own air conditioning unit and deduct costs from your rent.
  • obtaining other housing, with rent stopping until the air conditioning is fixed.

However, these remedies are not available if the tenant, tenant’s family, or guest caused the air conditioning to stop working by a deliberate or careless act, or failing to act. 

In certain cases you also can file a lawsuit in small claims court if the problem is not fixed. A tenant can sue a landlord for up to $10,000 for the losses associated with the uninhabitable rental premises without the need for an attorney.

Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance

Despite the fact that the major HVAC care is up to the landlord of the apartments in Las Vegas, however, there is some involvement expected on a tenants side that can help reduce the need for air conditioning repair. Below Nevada Residential Services HVAC Experts has compiled a list of regular maintenance you can do to help preserve the air conditioning unit in a good shape for longer time:

  • Change Air Filter once every 1-3 months.
  • Keep the apartment cleaned and vacuumed regularly.
  • Keep debris and clutter away from the outdoor unit.

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