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Henderson Air Conditioning Repair - 24/7 Air Cooling & Heating Solutions

Henderson Air Conditioning Repair - 24/7 Air Cooling & Heating Solutions

There's nothing worse than suddenly discover that your air conditioner unit is broken, especially during hot summer months in Nevada! It’s that time of year when we absolutely rely on our air conditioners. During summer we rely on our AC units more than ever to fight extreme Henderson heat. It is really hard to withstand even a single day or night without the proper air cooling in our house. Fully functional and working AC unit in your home or office will keep air fresh and cool; it will always keep the indoor temperature that’s comfortable for you. Usually AC breakdowns seem to show up at the worst times, especially at summer. Time to time you will need to repair your AC or at least to do a maintenance. It should not be a surprise, more so it will become a necessity at some point. Considering that your AC is working for a long time in such extreme conditions, eventually it may become less efficient or even broken on typical scorching days of summer in Henderson, Nevada.

  • Common Central Air Conditioner Problems
  • AC unit isn’t cooling your home evenly
  • AC unit fan isn’t blowing
  • A problem with thermostat
  • AC controls are stopped working
  • A problem with the compressor/outside unit
  • Air Conditioner unit blowing warm air instead of blowing cold air
  • AC suddenly stopped working
  • AC Unit Leaking Water


You live in Las Vegas or Henderson and looking for a reliable, guaranteed and professional AC repair company with a solid reputation? Have an emergency & need your AC to be repaired today? — Nevada Residential Services trained technicians will pinpoint your cooling issue in a blink of an eye. We will recommend optimal, cost-effective ways to get you AC unit back to life and keep you cool.

Our Henderson Air Conditioning Repair service available 24/7, anytime during the year, we offer same-day air conditioning repair service. Our air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation experts are one of the most skilled air conditioning technicians in the Las Vegas, Las Vegas north & Henderson areas. We are the Henderson AC repair service experts, our HVAC repairs can be done on any air conditioning system of any make, model, brand or size. We believe that no matter what we do as industry professionals, we promise to provide you with honest and comprehensive approach. Attention to detail along with the quality products and services be it air conditioning repair service in Henderson or AC installation - everything must be done efficiently, professionally and to save you as much money as possible. Our AC repair technicians are always come in time. NRS work ethics, dedication, and honesty is a fundamental basis of all of our team members, they are trained to diagnose and fix your air cooling problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. No matter if it’s a commercial air conditioner repair or maybe your home air conditioning system needs to be repaired or replaced, let our team of trained and certified home central air conditioning repair specialists do it for you, to maintain your family’s comfort & to keep you cool during those hot summer months. We strongly believe in honesty and professionalism as we strive to provide our clients competent advice and outstanding service. That’s the way we conduct our business!

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