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Buy a new AC and Heating unit in Henderson

Buy a new AC and Heating unit in Henderson

Here at Nevada Residential Services we recommend and proudly sell only the most reliable Air Conditioners from most trusted AC Brands, such as American Standard, Trane, York, Amana and many others. Split systems, AC and Furnace systems, and AC & coil systems - we carry them all. Such array of options allows our customers to make the best choice for their personal needs, especially when it comes to getting exactly what they need in air conditioning systems for their homes in Henderson, NV.

Buying a new air conditioner can be a tricky experience

With such a wide array of brands and different AC systems, it's easy to get a bit lost. How the hell can you know what brand and which system is actually better for you? Education is our friend - today’s article will address dome of the basics, the fundamentals of buying a new AC unit in Henderson for your home. Those of you who already had a chance to work with us know that we are a small, U.S. Family-Owned heating and air conditioning business based in Henderson, Nevada. All of our clients, partners and NRS membership club subscribers know that we always strive to provide the most cost-effective solutions; we have built our reputation on giving our clients honest, straight answers to any HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) questions, today will be no different. In this article, we will explain important things to consider when buying a new air conditioner, including: SEER values, sizing your new central air conditioner, fair air conditioner prices, and other useful tips to keep in mind before purchasing your new AC system.

1. Buy New Air Conditioner in Henderson - the basics

Picking appropriate SEER values is usually a one of the major factors that you have to consider when buying a new air conditioner.


SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and is an objective means of evaluating the efficiency of an air conditioner. The higher the SEER value - the more efficient a unit is. Federal regulations require a minimum SEER value of 13 SEER on all newly installed air conditioners, which is still significantly more efficient than the unit you already have (which is likely an old 7 or 10 SEER model). When buying a new air conditioner people often ask us: “What SEER value would you recommend?”. While there are a bunch of factors that you need to consider we usually recommend no more than a 14 SEER air conditioner, but if you have bigger house, want more comfort or longer warranty then we recommend 16-18 SEER, and only for some relatively rare occasions we can recommend 20 SEER systems.

2. Choosing the proper size when Buying a New AC Unit

Determining and choosing the proper size when buying a new air conditioner depends on a lot of factors. While it is possible for some experienced technicians to size an AC unit without doing a formal calculation, most contractors should do it anyway. In the process of buying a new air conditioner, you will certainly come across a term known as “tonnage.” This, however, is not a reference to actual weight, in this case a ton is a measurement of an air conditioners cooling power, and can be thought of as being kind of like the engine size of your car.

The size of your air conditioner will depend on multiple factors, including your location, insulation, square footage, and various other factors.



3. Affordable, fair prices when Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

There are dozens of brands out there, each with their own marketing strategy, with its own range of benefits. American Standard, York, Amana and Trane are easily can be considered as one of the top Air Conditioner brands in 2019. Typically, a new air conditioner (installed) is right around $5,000 and around $6,000 – $7,000 if you have the furnace replaced at the same time. This is just a ballpark, of course, but it will at least give you an idea of what to expect when you want to buy new air conditioner. This should include all fees, taxes, a thermostat, a high-quality air filter, and installation by experienced technicians. Keep in mind that fair price when buying your new air conditioner can vary, as with most things - you get what you pay for, most likely there are companies out there that will do it for cheaper, but the tradeoff may be the quality of the installation and parts used.


Nevertheless choosing an HVAC contractor is the most important thing that you will do when buying a new air conditioner in Henderson. We always tell people to get on Google or Yelp and do some research, read some reviews. Our company has a proven track-record of happy customers. Our good reputation is a result of honesty, experience and dedication. Purchasing a new AC unit from Nevada Residential Services doesn’t have to be a hassle; Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that all orders are handled quickly and efficiently to ensure that you get what you ordered as quickly as possible. Great prices so you can save your money for the more important things in your life.